Dr Bryce Fleming

Chiropractor - Author - Professional Speaker




You look across at the same beautiful plant you re-potted a few weeks ago, only to notice that it has started to wilt: a symptom of ill health. Conventional wisdom suggests that you should take the plant to a ‘healthcare provider’ for help.


Dr. Botany is a very intelligent person who has studied the various disease states of plants her entire adult life. Having seen this condition many times before, she quickly identifies the symptom of wilting in the plant then diagnoses the plant as having ‘wilt-taxia’. She prescribes some anti-wilting medication and the plant starts to straighten out!


A few weeks pass, and now you notice the leaves changing from a healthy green colour to a sickly brown. This time Dr. Botany diagnoses this condition as ‘brown-leaf-itis’ and prescribes some different medication.


After a few days of this new treatment, you notice that the leaves don’t appear to be changing back to their healthy green colour. This time Dr. Botany decides to refer the plant to a leaf specialist. The specialist takes one look at the plant and prescribes some different, stronger anti-brownleaf-itis medication and the leaves regain their colour.


A few more weeks pass. You now notice that your plant is losing its petals. A surgical consult is now required to reattach the petals. The surgery is a success, and the petals are back on, but unfortunately, one of the side effects of this particular surgery is that the plant loses the ability to reproduce.


So, many months later you have a plant that looks healthy, but is dependent on medication and can’t reproduce. Is the plant healthy? How long do you think that plant will survive? You’re probably thinking, ‘If you just gave the plant some water in the first place, it would have probably stopped wilting.’ That’s the point.


You inherently know that the plant’s natural state is to be bright, upright and healthy – not sick. You also know that in order for that plant to express health it must fulfil certain requirements, like having water, sunlight, good soil and the avoidance of poisons. You know deep down that the expression of the plant’s symptoms is simply the result of not fulfilling those requirements. Innately, your belief system regarding the health of the plant is vitalistic.


ALL living things are designed to be healthy, not sick. Just like the plant, the natural state of a human is to be strong, lean, muscular, happy, healthy and full of energy. It is not normal for a human to have symptoms, take medications, and have body parts removed or new bits stuck on. It has, however, become accepted.


In the Life Integrated method, what symptoms you have will not determine what care or ‘treatment’ you should receive. Rather, the aim is to build a lifestyle around what your cells require to be healthy, allowing your innate intelligence to do the job it was designed to do, heal and maximise your life potential.