Dr Bryce Fleming

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Ditching Dairy


For most people who are interested in ditching dairy their first concern will be, where will I get my calcium? Great marketing has led us to believe that drinking milk is the only way to get enough calcium for healthy bones and teeth.


In Australia, calcium intake is one of the highest in the world, yet Australians have one of the highest rates of bone de-mineralization (osteoporosis) in the world. Bone and tooth strength is dependent not just upon how much calcium you can ingest, but also the amount you excrete. Bone health is substantially dependent on dietary acid/base balance, and how much you physically use them.


Being strong a few times a week forces ingested calcium to be absorbed by your bones. Expecting bone strength from ingesting large calcium loads while sitting on the couch is the equivalent of consuming loads of protein while lounging in a recliner and expecting to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger!


To absorb healthy amounts of calcium, eat the darker green vegetables, organ meats, sardines and seeds, and of course avoid grain and sugar products leading to insulin spiking and calcium excretion. Naturally, a Fuel 4 Life diet is higher in protein, which increases calcium absorption in the intestine that in turn has a strengthening effect on bones.