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“Do you require a inspirational speaker at your next work, social, or Crossfit function? Someone who has not only ‘transformed’ himself, but committed the last 15 years of his life to transforming the lives of others”

“I have eliminated all the stress in my life from bad food and bad thinking. Listen to Bryce and you will do well”
Gary Pyres

Being bullied as ‘the fat kid’ at school and battling with constant fatigue, low testosterone, skin problems, learning difficulties, self worth issues, sinus problems, gut problems and a lowered immune system, Bryce tried every shake, pill and potion under the sun to improve his health. It wasn’t until he discovered that health came from inside out, not from outside in, that his transformation for life begun.

Bryce now shares his story, along with the most up to date scientifically validated Paleo centered nutrition, functional exercise, personal change and neurological research in a witty, intriguing, and logical manner.

In 2012, he was even invited to present on the main stage at Newcastle’s biggest health expo that boasted attendance well into the thousands.

To get Dr. Fleming to speak at your next event, simply leave your details and you will be contacted shortly.”

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