Dr Bryce Fleming

Chiropractor - Author - Professional Speaker



Dr Bryce Fleming is a sort after Chiropractor, author, professional speaker who is committed to 'righting the cause rather than writing prescriptions' His flagship studio is located in Milsons Point. and services Milsons Point, North Sydney, Kiribilli, Lavender Bay and surrounding areas. visit www.alignmenthealth.com.au for more information


This is his story...

"Being pretty much the only ‘fat kid’ in my class, I became really good at doing ‘fat kid things’… video games were my specialty, indoors was my ‘playground’ and Big Mac’s were my achilles heel. Polishing off a Big Mac, large chips, large chicken nuggets and a coke was literally child’s play for me at the age of 8. If fact, I distinctly remember crying and making a scene at the Mc-Counter when my mother refused to buy me a up-sized Big Mac Meal ……..with an extra Big Mac!

Around the age of 14, my best friend (the television) informed me that ‘to lose weight, and get healthy you have to eat low fat foods and exercise… a lot!’.

So I started to do my own research (i.e. more television) and over the next few years I became quite savvy at ‘low fat conscious’ eating and doing lots of long distance running.

Knowing what I know now with this ‘conventional wisdom’ it was not surprising that it was only a matter of time before I started to get sick. Colds and flu’s became the norm along with trips to the doctor. My energy levels were way down, I was angry, moody, and irritable. My muscle started wasting away, I was constipated all the time, I didn’t sleep properly and the acne I was developing was becoming out of control.

It wasn’t until after my struggle through university that I discovered that ‘all the right things’ weren’t the right things at all!

It has now become my life purpose to share my story, inspire and support you in your transformation"